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Dental implants.

Dental implants can be placed for a number of purposes: replace missing teeth, to stabilize and enhance denture or partial function, to improve your smile or bite relationships, to replace removable dentures or partials with fixed, non-removable appliances or restorations. Dental implants can even be utilized in orthodontic (braces) procedures and are being utilized in more and more ways.

The dental implants are titanium structures that are generally shaped like the roots of natural teeth and afterwards are maintained similarly to natural teeth. For instance, they can be brushed and flossed. Implants do not decay and the implant placement procedure is generally quite predictable. Maintained properly, implants should last as long, if not longer, than natural teeth.

The cost factor is generally slightly greater than that for a permanent bridge, only without the necessity of preparing the surrounding teeth, thus preserving the integrity of the teeth adjacent to the implant, Implants also help to preserve the bone levels of the jawbone where they are placed. Implants may or may not be covered by your dental insurance. However payment plans such as Care Credit are available.

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